I Blinked and Qwynn is Three!



Qwynn’s birthday month is coming to an end and it’s still hard to believe we have a 3-year-old! The last few months have been a whirlwind of emotions and I’ve been savoring every moment (as proved by my lack of blog posts the last few months!)

Since starting in her new classroom this last September, I have been truly impressed with how Qwynn has grown and developed into such a fun, bright and independent young girl. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning, playing and having daily conversations with her. She’s spelling months from memory, LOVES counting and numbers, and her language has just flourished. She doesn’t even seem like a toddler to me anymore. She is a little girl. A true threenager!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating her 3rd birthday with friends and family in my soul city…Denver, CO. If you know me well, then you know when it comes to Qwynn’s birthday celebrations, I just can’t do simple. Flying on an airplane across the country couldn’t even keep me from creating a fabulous party to celebrate my beautiful daughter!

One disadvantage of a January birthday is that you always need an inside venue, and that can get pricey. We also needed a place to stay for a couple nights while we were in Denver.


We were quite satisfied with our first Airbnb experience during our Chicago visit this last November, and decided to look into it for this trip, too. We were able to find a great apartment downtown with enough space for us, Tyson’s brother and two of our friends to stay and it was the perfect size to host Qwynn’s small party! WIN-WIN! (We did make sure this was okay with the Airbnb host before we booked it.)

When I asked Qwynn what kind of birthday party she wanted she said “white!” The first thought that came to mind was winter, and it ended up being one of my best ideas yet!! Plus, with her birthday just a few weeks after Christmas, I got almost everything on sale or clearance!

I managed to throw a wonderful winter themed birthday party for her, and I fit everything I needed into my small carry-on sized suitcase. Everything went so perfectly, I’ve even considered looking into starting a business for it…Party in a Suitcase!

Qwynn’s Destination Winter-Themed Birthday

One of my favorite things to make…The Banner! I am just a little doily obsessed, so I had to incorporate them into Qwynn’s banner. I love the elegance of paper doilies, mixed with the ruggedness of the burlap twine. Since we were in a rental, command hooks were perfect for hanging the banner.


I used the stocking holders I refurbished from the Target Dollar Spot to hang snowflake lights (less than $10 on Amazon) and the banner I made for Qwynn’s party at school on the kitchen island.



At Target, I also found white snowflake tins for 50 cents to hold the plasticware and burlap trees for $1.50 each, which I painted white for a snowy look.  I found clear candle holders at the 99 Cent Store across the street from our apartment and etched snowflakes on them for a little added decoration. I used glittery silver flameless candles from Party City to put inside them because I didn’t think it was a good idea to have open flames in a rental.



These paper stars look like snowflakes and came from Target’s Christmas clearance ($4 for the large, $2 for the small.) Plus, they fold completely flat! I got a variety of balloons from Amazon and had them filled at Party City the day of the party.


I made my own ballon weights using these cute tins from Target. I filled them with a rice, bean, and lentil mixture left over from the centerpieces from my dad’s birthday party, and then hot glued cotton balls to a piece of cardboard to make a lid. I got the burlap lace ribbon on Christmas clearance at Michaels and made the snowflake embellishment using card stock and my Cricut.


I also got these snowflake ornaments on clearance at Michaels, and it just so happened the apartment had a tree to hang them on!


I had known the apartment had a ton of windows, so I purchased a couple packs of suction cup hooks from the 99 Cent Store and hung paper snowflakes (Michaels clearance) using burlap twine.


I’ve bought clay cake toppers for all of Qwynn’s birthdays and hope to keep up the tradition for years to come! This one came from the Etsy shop Hand Crafted Critters by Carly. She does amazing work and they are completely customizable!


I bought the favor bags at Michaels (Christmas Clearance once again!) and filled them with winter-themed goodies I found on Amazon and yummy Annie’s fruit snacks.


Overall, I couldn’t have been happier with how Qwynn’s party turned out and I look forward to creating even more magical parties in the future!


Valerie Anne

DIY Horsey Cupcake with Stars

The very first time I asked Qwynn what she wanted to be for Halloween she excitedly said “A cupcake!” I instantly googled “homemade toddler cupcake costume” and was thrilled with all of the ideas I was seeing. I couldn’t wait to put this together!

Then the inevitable happened. A couple weeks later, Qwynn changed her mind. Toddlers! She wanted to be a pumpkin. BummerI was really looking forward to making a cupcake. Luckily, I was able to convince her to be a pumpkin cupcake. Easy enough, right? But the next week Qwynn changed her mind again. Really? She wanted to be a horse. Really??? So, I suggested a horse cupcake, and the last week before Halloween she added the stars.

And this is how the Horsey Cupcake with Stars was born! 

I originally wanted to use a lamp shade for the cupcake liner, but it was harder to find one than I had originally anticipated (especially since I didn’t want to spend a lot of money). Eventually I found this idea, and with a few tweaks here and there, I was able to make an amazing cupcake costume!

A round laundry basket would’ve been way too big for a toddler, but I was able to find a good sized bucket at DEALS for just $1. I grabbed two of them in case I messed up on the first one. I also found the modern patterned contact paper there for just $2 and thought it would be a sturdier option than wrapping paper (Qwynn falls down a lot!).


I cut the bottom of the tub out using a utility knife and scissors. Then I covered the rough edges with strips of the contact paper and reinforced it with strong packing tape.


I used my Cricut cutting machine to make horse stickers for the cupcake liner. I didn’t want to make a special trip to Michaels to buy sticker paper, so I used large shipping labels instead. Our printer has been out of commission for awhile, so I used brightly colored markers to color the horses.


I covered poster board in the contact paper to add a little more support, then I attached the horse stickers and folded it accordion-style.


I bought two pairs of white women’s opaque tights at Target for about $5 each to use for the frosting. Since Tyson hates that we have so many throw pillows on our couches, I decided we could spare one for the stuffing inside. It was the perfect amount! I used hot glue (and a lot of it) to attach the frosting to the top edge of the bucket and the cupcake liner around the bucket.


For the star sprinkles, I used my Cricut again to cut different sized stars from colored card stock and then hot glued them to the frosting.


I couldn’t believe how easy this cupcake was to make and how perfect it came together!


The hat was another story! I had an extra stuffed tight leg, so I turned it into a dollop of frosting and made a candle out of a foam art brush.


I originally attached the frosting dollop to a headband, but it was too top heavy and wouldn’t stay on Qwynn’s head. I remembered Qwynn had a sun hat that was too floppy for her, so I cut the brim off and hot glued the dollop of frosting to the hat.


It wasn’t perfect, but with the help of a few clips, it stayed on her head long enough to snap a few pictures.


That’s one cute cupcake if you ask me!

Valerie Anne

3 Reasons I Decided to “Go Gold” AGAIN…In Public


When I decided to make my first Be Bold, Go Gold video it was to support a good friend and her passion for The Ronan Thompson Foundation and childhood cancer awareness. My outlook has always been, if we can’t count on our closest friends and family to support us, then how can we expect to count on anyone else. As I began researching more about childhood cancer statistics and facts, my own passion for the cause began to grow. This, and these three other reasons are why I decided to “Go Gold” again, and this time in public.

1. It is changing my outlook on life.

If this experience has taught me one thing, it is to let go of the little things, while at the same time holding on to the simple moments in life.

I wish I could have recorded my husband’s face when he first saw all the gold glitter that covered our hardwood floor and area rug as I was making our gold tutus. I know he was biting his tongue from protesting too much. I used to hate glitter too. It’s annoying as all f***. But it didn’t matter this time. Because kids are dying of cancer. Mothers and fathers are being taken away from their children. The ones we love are leaving us too soon. When I thought about it this way, the glitter all over was a minuscule problem, and I even started to welcome it. There are still remnants all around our apartment, as well as my parent’s house. I love that it is a constant reminder to stop sweating the small stuff.

And it’s working! The other night Tyson was working late at the Ranger’s game, which meant it was just Qwynn and I for dinner. I made her mac n’ cheese, one of my favorite meals as a kid. We had a great conversation about her day at school, and I relished in the fact that she is at the age now that we can actually have these dinner talks. As I started cleaning up my plate, I noticed Qwynn was putting the last few noodles on each prong of her fork. As I looked at her messy, cheese covered hands, my first instinct was to tell her to stop playing with her food and finish eating her dinner. But I resisted.

I held back because my own memory of doing the same exact thing when I was little came flooding to the front of my mind. I thought, what’s the big deal? So she’s playing with her food and getting a little messy. At least she is here. She is alive and able to explore this wonderful world around her. That is what is important. It was then she noticed me watching her and she held her fork up and said “Look Mommy!” She was so proud of herself, and in that moment I felt proud and blessed to be her mom.

2. I had the opportunity to attend the Bloomingdales Runway Heroes Fashion Show.

The Bloomingdales Runway Heroes Fashion Show was only about 15 minutes long, but it was one of the most emotional 15 minutes I have had in my life. As I watched all these brave kids strutting their stuff on the runway, the feeling of compassion was so strong inside me. The hardest part was watching the first few kids come out being held by their parents. It instantly brought tears to my eyes. On the outside, they looked like completely normal moms and dads with their children. But I knew they weren’t. I knew that they were dealing with something no parent or child should have to endure and it was honestly heartbreaking.

I just couldn’t help but think…that child could be one of my many nieces or nephews. That child could be any one of the children I take care of everyday at work. That child could be one of the countless kids I see walking through the streets of New York City. And the saddest realization of all, that child could be my precious and beautiful Qwynn Jolee.

Halfway through the fashion show Tyson texted me this picture and message and I just lost it inside.


This horrible thing, childhood cancer, could become any one of our realities at any moment, without any warning. When I began to think about it this way, I just couldn’t stand back and watch. I HAD to do something else.

3. I wanted and felt the need to do more.

I was really proud of my first video and felt truly blessed that I got to share the experience with my sister, nieces and daughter. But even after getting so much positive feedback for it, I still felt like I could’ve done more. I felt that I could’ve tried harder to reach more people. I started brainstorming ideas and began building the courage to go out in public and talk to people about childhood cancer awareness.

At first, I didn’t even consider doing it by myself. I wanted my friend Emily to help me with my idea, but the timing just wasn’t working out. I wanted to do something now! But how could I do it by myself? It couldn’t be possible.

But it was.

It was very possible. It was possible because I have the most supportive husband and most fun-loving and courageous daughter. It was possible because I couldn’t stop thinking about all those kids whose lives were cut short. All those moms who don’t get to dance and be silly and laugh with their little ones anymore. It is possible because I would want people to do the same for me if it were my daughter.

It is possible because if we don’t speak up and do something for each others’ kids, then the horrible reality of childhood cancer is never going to change. It needs to change and we can all do something to help.

Be Bold and Stay Gold!

Valerie Anne

3 Reasons I Decided to “Go Gold” for Childhood Cancer

1. I am a mom.

I’ve always been somewhat of a worry wart. In most situations, I let my mind wander to every possible outcome, often negative. This is something I am working everyday to change about myself. A part of me feels so blessed for everything that I have in my life, that sometimes I am left wondering, when is my luck going to change?

Being a mom was something I’ve wanted my whole life. Before I became pregnant I often worried that I wouldn’t be able to even become pregnant. My mother had trouble conceiving, so I always knew it was possible that I could have the same problems. When I ended up getting pregnant fairly quickly, I worried constantly throughout my pregnancy. I was researching everything and anything I put in or on my body, and although I had a relatively enjoyable pregnancy, the responsibility was scary.

The day Qwynn was born was one of the happiest, most long awaited days of my life. I never imagined all the emotions that would flood through me holding my little baby girl for the first time. Remembering that moment makes it even harder to imagine the pain and emotions someone goes through when they lose a child, especially one so young. My heart truly aches for all those moms that have lost their babies, no matter what the cause. I may have never had a child with cancer, but I do know the love a mom has for her child and I don’t know what I would do if mine was ever taken from me.

When I looked up The Ronan Thompson Foundation for the first time, I was mesmerized by this beautiful little boy with these amazing blue eyes that sparkled so bright. As a mother, I of course think my daughter is the most beautiful little human in the world, and I cannot even begin to imagine my life without her.

2. I was inspired by an amazing friend. 

I have some pretty amazing coworkers and friends who inspire me to think about things that I otherwise would have probably never thought about. I still remember when my friend Emily first told me about Ronan. Her love and compassion for a little boy she never even met was absolutely fascinating to me. Her courage and passion to do anything to help raise awareness for more childhood cancer research is definitely contagious.  I may not have been as brave as her to run all around NYC telling people about the lack of funding for childhood cancer, but only for Emmy would I cover my face in gold glitter and record myself dancing for anyone to see.

Something Emily has told me numerous times in our conversations about childhood cancer has really stuck with me…If these little kids can fight cancer, if they are brave enough to fight for their lives everyday, then there is no reason I, as an adult, can’t do something that is uncomfortable or scary to me.

I have not and will never forget this.

3. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone.

Pretty much since I can remember I’ve been a shy person. I am super critical of myself and wonder what other people are thinking about me way more than I should. I get super anxious in social situations, especially large groups.  I didn’t have a lot of friends in school and I’ve never found it easy to talk to new people.

Although I wasn’t able to get out there and personally talk to people about childhood cancer, what I loved about this challenge is that it did get me to step outside my comfort zone. It forced me to simply let go.  I didn’t worry about making a fool of myself on video. I didn’t worry about what other people might think about me putting this out there. I simply relished in the feeling of acting like a kid again. A feeling that all kids should be able to experience. The feeling of running around my parents backyard, bare feet in the grass, dancing with my nieces, sister and daughter.  It is an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Valerie Anne

The Minimalist Approach to 3 Common Baby Items

In college, I didn’t pay much attention to what I put in or on my body, but becoming a mom has made me look at many things a lot differently. The last year I have been paying a lot more attention to the food we eat and the brands we use. I am continuing my quest to live as naturally as possible, while still understanding that moderation is okay. I have adjusted my beauty routine, changed my lunch habits, and become more aware of the products I buy.

Having so much information at our fingertips is as much a blessing as it is a curse. These days it is incredibly hard to know which products are good, which ones are dangerous and which ones are an absolute necessity or not. With all that is out there, how do we know what is opinion and what is fact? Do we trust our doctors because it is their profession or do we trust our mothers, sisters and friends who share the same experiences and stories as us?

I understand that every child is different and not everything is going to work the same way for everyone, but in both my experience as an infant/toddler teacher and my personal experiences with my own toddler, I have come to the realization that most infants and toddlers don’t need these three items every time or all the time. Instead of reaching for these popular products right away (many of which have controversial ingredients), I have learned to try more natural approaches first.

1. Sunscreen


What a debated product these days!

I am not a lotion person and never really have been. I don’t like how it feels on my hands afterwards and I always end up washing it off.  My least favorite part of working with infants and toddlers during the summer is slathering sunscreen on them every single time we go outside.

I’ve never been a daily sunscreen user. Even growing up I remember my parents only putting it on when we were camping and outside all day, or by the pool or on the beach for hours. It was never something we put on everyday or every time we went outside.

My opinion about sunscreen continued to change after reading this article about a year ago or so. Yes, sunscreen protects us from harmful UV Rays and that is extremely important, but it also blocks out many nutrients that our bodies need, especially vitamin D. My doctor even told me to give Qwynn vitamin D supplements while I was breastfeeding her because there is such a deficiency. Last week I read another article that further supported my decision to use sunscreen in moderation.  It had a lot of good information about how our bodies use the sun and alternative ways to protect your skin.

I am fortunate that I don’t burn easily, but I understand everyone’s skin is different and young children definitely have more sensitive skin. If we are spending the day at the beach or hours by the pool during the sunniest time of the day, I am of course going to protect my daughter’s skin. But when she’s just getting 20-30 minutes of sun here and there, why miss out on all those important nutrients!

This means, Qwynn doesn’t get sunscreen at school. And she is one of the few kids in school that doesn’t. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry about this. Am I wrong in my opinion if I’m the only one not doing it? I’d prefer to think that, like most parents, I am just trying to do the best that I can do for my family with the information that I have at hand.

My reasoning for not having Qwynn’s teachers lather her up in sunscreen everyday is as follows—First of all, when Qwynn goes outside at school it is often before noon or after 3:30pm, so she is not normally outside durning those peak sun hours. Plus, her class is rarely outside for longer than 30-45 minutes at a time and the kids are usually moving in and out of the shade. I also make sure to send a hat to school and a bathing suit with sleeves. Sure, I would love to buy her cute little tankini swim suits (who wouldn’t?), but I figure that Qwynn has her whole adolescence to wear cute little bathing suits. For now, I’ll take the guaranteed-to-be-safe sleeves, over the controversial sunscreen.


2. Infant/Children’s Motrin and Tylenol


I rarely take any medicine when I’m sick. Maybe an Ibprofen here or there if I have a really bad headache or cramps. I never really hesitated giving Qwynn Motrin or Tylenol when she was really young, but I always tried to buy the one’s that didn’t have artificial flavoring, dyes or other fillers.

When she was getting her first set of molars, I felt like she had a fever every other week and they would last for days. Her doctor even suggested that I piggyback Motrin and Tylenol (which I reluctantly did for a couple days), but the fever always seemed to come back and I got nervous about giving Qwynn so much medicine in what seemed like such a short amount of time.

I started researching teething, fevers, and natural remedies, and my perception of fevers started to change after I read this article. I learned that fevers aren’t always a bad thing and it is actually just your body’s natural way of fighting something off. When Qwynn was about 17 months old, I experienced just what this article was talking about.

We were in California for the Stanley Cup Finals last June and Qwynn woke up from a nap with a 104 fever.  I couldn’t believe that the fever was back! We were definitely worried, but I didn’t want to pull out the Motrin just yet. We had spent a couple hours on the beach that morning and had lunch in the sun on the pier, so I thought those things might be contributing factors to the high number.

We decided to forgo the medicine for the time being and instead walked to dinner (getting Qwynn some cool fresh air), and grabbed a yogurt and smoothie on the way to the restaurant. Qwynn started to perk up halfway through the smoothie and when we took her temp back at the hotel a few hours later, her fever had gone down to 101. The next morning her fever was gone!

This experience completely changed my perception of fevers. I just couldn’t believe that Qwynn’s temperature had gone down a whole 3 degrees in just a few short hours just by cooling down the inside and outside of her body. From then on, I have chosen to try natural methods (i.e. cold washcloths, teethers, popsicles, etc.) before reaching into the medicine cabinet. I’m not saying that I don’t keep a bottle of Children’s Motrin around “just in case,” or that I will never give it to Qwynn again, but as long as she is healthy enough and comfortable enough to fight off any fevers or pain naturally, I will leave the medicine where it is.


3. Diaper Cream:


I bought diaper cream when Qwynn was first born because I thought I was supposed to. I did pay attention to the brand I bought, choosing a more “natural’ one, but I never used it with her on a daily basis and only applied it a few times when she was really young. Even then I always hesitated because the best way to prevent or heal a diaper rash is to keep it dry. So applying a moist cream just never made sense to me.

The last two diaper rashes Qwynn had were healed in two days without using any diaper cream or ointment. First, I made sure the area was completely clean. I know it is absolute torture listening to a baby or toddler scream as you wipe their raw bottom, but if you don’t remove absolutely everything, then the area will take so much longer to heal and may even get worse. This is another reason I avoid using diaper cream for a rash. It takes twice as long to get the area completely clean when there is a thick layer of cream that you have to wipe off too.

I also made sure to keep the area as dry as possible at all times. I changed Qwynn’s diaper more often and constantly check for BM’s. I let her bottom air out as much as possible by letting her go diaper-less for 10-15 minutes here and there. I would put a towel on her chair while she ate or on the hardwood floor while she was playing with her toys to prevent too much of a mess.

I know it seems so much easier to just throw on some cream and go, but I feel like it’s better in the long run for your body to learn to heal on its own rather than always relying on creams, ointments and medicines. I have seen a lot of bad diaper rashes in my years and I get that all babies are different, so if they are completely uncomfortable and in pain, you use whatever will make them feel better. For now though, as long as my daughter isn’t absolutely miserable, I choose air over cream.

Valerie Anne

From Bar to Barre: Balancing Aging, Parenthood, Work Schedules and a Consistent Exercise Routine

Living in NYC definitely has it’s perks. One in particular is the amount of walking that is required. Most of my time living here I have been able to get away without going to the gym regularly because my daily commute was my gym.  The walking always seemed to be enough and a run or class here or there was just an extra bonus. I have also been able to eat whatever I want (within reason) and spent many evenings out at bars with friends enjoying my fair share of adult beverages.

At my company holiday party 2 years ago, a co-worker made a comment to me that at the time I blew off. After returning to the table with a full plate of second helpings of everything at the buffet she said, “Wow Val! I remember when I could eat like that. Then I hit my 30s.” This was two months before my 30th birthday, so naturally my reply was, “Well then, I better take advantage of the two months I have left.”

I really didn’t take what she said seriously though, and I thought, It’ll be different for me. I was kind of right. Nothing really changed when I turned thirty. Thirty-one on the other hand was another story. Not long after my 31st birthday I realized that Winter had taken it’s toll on my body, and I accepted that I could no longer eat or drink whatever I wanted and still survive on just walking.

Not only am I a binge runner, but I am a binge exerciser in general. It’s always easier to get going during the summer when it’s not freezing or pitch black outside when I have to leave the apartment for a class.  If I am able to get a good routine in place, I can go weeks working out 3, 4, even 5 days a week. I always feel amazing when I can stick to a regular exercise plan, but it seems that after awhile I always go back to making excuses for why I can’t get my butt moving.

Having a kid definitely does not make sticking to an exercise routine any easier. The guilt that comes with leaving all the getting ready and commuting responsibilities with Tyson so that I can take a morning barre class or evening yoga class is sometimes too much to handle. Especially during the Rangers season when his schedule is so busy.

However, after Memorial Day, with the unofficial start of summer upon us, I decided I had to get over the guilt and figure something out. Running on my lunch break everyday was not motivating enough, but I had taken a couple barre classes last summer and really enjoyed them. So I went to Tyson with a routine I thought was fair and hoped that we could make it work. For the past six weeks this has been my workout schedule:

Monday: 30-40 minute Lunch Break Run
Tuesday: 55 minute Core Barre Class
Wednesday: 55 minute Total Barre Class and 30 minute Swim Class with Qwynn
Thursday: 55 minute Barre Assets Class or 60 minute Yoga Class
Friday: 30-40 minute Lunch Break Run

I’m not perfect every week (summer is busy!), but I usually get at least three of the days in. It definitely takes sacrifices from all parties involved. On Tuesday I work the 10 AM shift, and drop Qwynn off as soon as school opens at 8 AM to make it to my 8:30 AM barre class. This makes it possible for Tyson and I to still commute together, but it also makes all of our days much longer, leaving the house by 7 AM and not getting home until close to 7:30 PM.  Tyson very generously commutes with Qwynn by himself on Wednesday mornings and I meet him at the YMCA for Qwynn’s 9 AM swim class after my 7:30 AM Barre class. On Thursday evenings he commutes again by himself to allow me to take my evening yoga class.

I am definitely nervous about Fall and Winter coming because it means colder weather, less sunlight and new and busier schedules. I am really hoping that my new found love for barre (seriously you should try it if you haven’t yet) will keep me motivated to continue going to class even when it is dark, cold and there is half a foot of snow on the ground.

As hard as it is to manage all of our schedules and to get myself up earlier than I technically have to get up in the morning, I never regret doing it. Even the times I have had one too many glasses of wine the night before 😉 and just want to stay in bed curled up next to Tyson, I remind myself how much better I’ll feel if I sweat it out. And I always do. No matter what, I always feel better when I say yes to a workout.


Valerie Anne

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad FLOATIES


A couple weeks ago I was in the kitchen cutting up the strawberries Qwynn had so eagerly reminded me I had promised she could have after dinner, when I heard shouts of excitement coming from the bathroom. “It’s bath time! Yay bath time!”

I smiled and sighed. She was back. Finally!

Qwynn has loved her baths pretty much since she was born. I had read somewhere that you shouldn’t shield a baby’s eyes and face from the water when you bathe them because they need to learn how to blink it out. I thought it was an interesting approach and we decided to try it.

Once her umbilical cord fell off and we were able to give her a real bath, we gave it a go. We used to set her baby tub on the counter so she was able to see in the mirror. She loved this! When we poured the water over her head, we smiled as big as we possibly could and laughed like it was the most fun thing ever! Once she blinked the water out and saw us in the mirror, she gave us a huge smile back and has been loving her baths ever since.

That is until a few months ago when Qwynn discovered floaties – the horrifying and evil specks of lint, fuzz and dirt floating in the bath water around her.

Tyson ended up becoming the “bath time parent” when Qwynn was only a few months old. They seemed to have a lot of fun and I thought it was a great opportunity for them to spend time together since Qwynn doesn’t get to see him every night during the hockey season. One day I heard Tyson and Qwynn talking about floaties. From then on bath time changed. Qwynn started refusing to get in the water and would cry, “No floaties!”

Fortunately, Tyson quickly figured out a routine where they would scoop up all the floaties with a cup and dump them in the sink before Qwynn would get in the tub. This worked for a couple weeks, but one day she got in the tub after they had removed all the floaties, and started freaking out because she saw one. She just about jumped right out of the tub. Tyson realized it was lint from her socks that had been stuck in between her toes. He tried to explain to her where these floaties were coming from and reassure her that they would definitely not hurt her, but she wasn’t having it at all.

For about two weeks after this, bath time became a team effort for Tyson and I. There were a ton of tears and it was a fight just to get Qwynn to stand in the bath, let alone sit down in the floatie infested water. None of her usual bath toys helped distract her, but then I remembered I had purchased some foam numbers from the Target Dollar Spot the week before and decided it was worth a shot.


Qwynn stood in the tub without crying the whole entire bath time. Although initially a fight and still a refusal to sit, the next couple of baths had less and less tears.


The next bath night I was by myself because Tyson had to work a game. I decided Qwynn had to start sitting in the bath again. In my profession you have to have a high tolerance for crying. You have to understand that it’s okay for kids to cry. So I found my backbone and told Qwynn she had to sit in the bath. She had to learn to share the bath with floaties. She just had to. So, I made her.

She of course fought me tooth and nail and there were lots and lots of tears, but I was eventually able to talk her through it. I explained that she had to sit in the tub because otherwise the floor would get all wet. I continued to reassure her that the floaties were harmless and it was okay that they were in the bath tub. And I kept bringing her attention back to the foam numbers and how cool it was that they stuck to the bathtub wall. The power of distraction is absolutely wonderful.

After that night, things slowly started getting better. We went from very few tears to no tears at all. Tyson no longer needed my help and him and Qwynn got their bonding time back. A few weeks ago, I even heard giggles and belly laughs. It was magical!

She still points out the floaties now and then, but we just say it’s ok and move on.  Last week she even asked us to take a bath. It was truly an amazing feeling!

What irrational fears have your kids had?


Valerie Anne

Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Cheesy Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas

This is definitely a weekend meal if you have to make the chicken, but it can also be a quick mid-week option if you have the chicken already made. Plus you can play with the ratios of the filling however it fits your needs, using less chicken and more spinach if you prefer more veggies. This chicken is also great for quesadillas, nachos, or pasta dishes, so stock up!

Crockpot Shredded Chicken

1 lb. chicken breasts
1 large yellow onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, sliced or chopped
1-2 cups chicken stock/broth
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. black pepper

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Place all ingredients in your slow cooker and cook on low for about 8 hours or until chicken is tender. Use two forks to shred the chicken and strain excess liquid. Use in the enchilada recipe below, or in another favorite recipe!


Cheesy Chicken and Spinach Enchiladas

1/2 lb. shredded chicken
10 oz. frozen or fresh spinach
8 oz. cream cheese
8 medium sized wheat tortillas
1 bottle TJ’s red enchilada sauce
6-8 oz. shredded cheese (Mexican blend and/or pepper jack)

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Thaw frozen spinach or slightly sautée fresh spinach in a medium skillet. Add cream cheese and heat on low until melted. Stir in shredded chicken.


Pour a couple tablespoons of enchilada sauce into the bottom of a 9×13 glass baking dish.


Warm tortillas slightly in the microwave and then roll equal parts of the mixture into each tortilla and place seam down into the glass baking dish.


Pour the shredded cheese and remaining enchilada sauce over top.


Bake uncovered for 20-25 minutes at 325 degrees.


We usually have these enchiladas with brown rice, but I needed something a little quicker, so we had it with TJ’s frozen Quinoa Duo with Vegetable Melange.


I actually liked it better than the brown rice because the sweet potato in the quinoa complimented the spiciness of the enchilada sauce really nicely. And the extra veggies are always a plus!!

Valerie Anne

Unplugged And Roughin’ It

It’s tough to even find the words to explain just how AMAZING this weekend was!


I grew up going camping at least 4 times a summer with our family friends, the Klatka’s and Popiel’s. With 6 adults and 14 kids, there was rarely a dull moment. Those camping trips are some of my most favorite memories growing up and I will cherish them forever.

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My friend Kimi suggested that we plan a camping trip with just us “kids.” Yes, even in our 30s we are still the kids. I thought it was a fantastic idea, and I was looking forward to making new and exciting camping memories with my childhood friends.

Tyson and I had originally planned on bringing Qwynn with us, but the more we started talking about all the logistics, the more we thought it might be less stressful and more fun (for everyone involved) if we left Qwynn behind. Luckily, my wonderful and very generous co-workers had offered a few months earlier to take Qwynn for a weekend, and we decided this would be the perfect opportunity to take them up on that offer.

It was our first time leaving Qwynn for more than an evening or night. I knew she would be in great hands, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little nervous. Especially after finding out 3 days before the trip that there would be no cell service at the campsite. The first time leaving Qwynn AND no way to check in! Could I handle it?? I quickly realized that I didn’t really have a choice, so I just kept telling myself that everything would be fine and that this was the best decision for all of us. Plus, I was anxious to have some fun with my friends, sister and husband!

I thought about Qwynn most of the 7 hour drive to the Allegheny National Park. It ended up taking almost an hour longer than expected to get to the campsite, arriving just before 1 am. When I saw just how primitive the area was, I was reassured that we had made the right decision leaving Qwynn back in NYC.

I was bummed we weren’t able to get there earlier Friday night and was extremely excited to spend the whole next day with everyone. It was supposed to rain all day, but I was definitely planning on making the most of my time there. We stayed up until 3 am chatting around the fire, and even though we went to bed so late, I was of course up by 7:30 am.

The rain was already coming down, and I laid there listening to the pitter-patter against the tent. Not for very long though. I was too excited to check out the beautiful oasis that was waiting for me outside our tent. And, I also really had to pee! I grabbed my umbrella and quietly unzipped the tent door so I wouldn’t wake Tyson.

I was kind of relieved that I was the first one up. The scenery was so beautiful and the rain was refreshing and peaceful. I stood there alone just watching the raindrops fall on the water and relishing in how amazing it felt to be there in that moment. To be in nature. To be disconnected from everything else. It was exactly what I needed after an emotional last week of school!


I actually didn’t mind that it was raining. If the weather would’ve been nicer, I would’ve felt an obligation to go hiking and explore the area more (which also would’ve been fun), but the rain gave us an excuse to just sit around, eat, drink beer and enjoy each other’s company. So we did exactly that. All day. And it was perfect.

Right before lunch, a nice local man ran into us and informed us that they were predicting thunderstorms that night with winds up to 50 mph. Eeeek. He seemed concerned for our safety and thought we might want to reconsider staying the night, even suggesting a motel not too far away. None of us were prepared to leave though. Luckily the two small cabins across the woods from our campsite were available, so we packed up all our sleeping tents and moved our party over to the cabin. The rain slowed down for a few hours in the evening and it gave us just enough time to enjoy a delicious dinner and yummy s’mores over the fire.


This trip was the first time in so many years that I got to just hang out and relax with my three best girlfriends. No weddings. No other events or parties. No obligations whatsoever. Just hanging out, being with each other. Reminiscing. And laughing. There was so much laughing!

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I definitely missed Qwynn, but I was surprised at how little I actually let myself think about her.  By the end of the trip I was completely confident that we had made the right decision. It would’ve have been so much harder dealing with the rain if she would’ve been there with us. And it was so great to be 100% available for my friends who I don’t get to see nearly enough. In fact, because there was no phone service, we were all able to be completely present with each other. It was absolutely fabulous! And Qwynn ended up having a pretty fun-filled weekend as well, complete with her first visit to the Natural History Musem.


We all agreed that we need to make this past weekend a tradition moving forward and we were already brainstorming possible locations for the next summer. It would be so wonderful if we were able to continue a tradition that had been set into place by our parents nearly 30 years ago.


Valerie Anne

Easy DIY Mermaid Costume

When Tyson’s brother first invited us to the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, I debated how much I wanted to get into it. I didn’t want to go all out, but I decided it might be fun to at least make Qwynn a simple costume. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money or a lot of time on it either, so I gave myself a $20 budget and headed to Michaels!

I knew that Michaels’ fabric selection was limited, but I was able to find 4 small squares of different green fabric designs. The problem is they didn’t have any fabric pieces large enough for the base of the mermaid skirt. I continued walking through the store and eventually came across the t-shirt section. Lightbulb!

What an inexpensive way to get a large piece of fabric! As I looked at the t-shirt more the vision just came to me—I turned it up side down and I now had a floor length skirt with a hemmed waist…essentially. I grabbed a light green small adult t-shirt and continued on. I found a piece of glittery pink felt that I thought would work perfectly for the seashell top. With my coupon (Michaels ALWAYS has coupons), my purchase total for everything was just under $10!

When I got home I searched through all my craft stuff to see what else I had that would be useful. I found some green ribbon left over from Qwynn’s first birthday. I also dug out Qwynn’s old pink sparkly skirt that was too small for her from the goodwill bag.


Now usually when I decide to make something like this, I end up spending so much more money than if I would have just bought it already made. My projects also seem to take wayyyy longer than I anticipate. This project however was so easy, I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it went and how little I spent on it.

For the mermaid skirt, I started by putting the t-shirt on Qwynn and pinning the sides to get an approximate fit.


I used the pins as a guide and drew my mermaid skirt shape.


I do not own a sewing machine and I wouldn’t be able to use it even if I did. Luckily I have discovered a wonderful thing called sewing tape! It is about $5-6 at Michaels, but with a coupon you could easily get it down to $3-4. The only other thing you need is an iron. I used the iron-on tape to “sew” the sides of the skirt and the bottom hem.

IMG_3822 IMG_3824 IMG_3825

I was originally going to make the fins out of the t-shirt and continue the scales all the way down, but I discovered that would make the bottom too tight and impossible for Qwynn to walk, so I cut the fins off. Instead, I cut approximately 1-inch strips of the fabric and hot glued them to the bottom of the skirt, layering them to get a full look. This was a great solution because I didn’t need to be very exact in cutting the strips since I was okay with a more ragged look. And it didn’t take long to hot glue them on either.


For the waist of the skirt I cut tiny slits in the collar ever two inches or so and thread the ribbon through it so I could tie it snug around Qwynn’s waist.

IMG_3829 FullSizeRender_1

The final step for the skirt was attaching the scales. I only covered the front to save time. I cut three different sized scales out of card stock to use as tracers for the fabric.


Tracing and cutting the scales was by far the most tedious part of the project, so if you are not a control freak like I am ;-), I suggest recruiting help. I attached all the scales by using about two-inch pieces of sewing tape along the top of each one.


For the seashell top, I used the sheer fabric from Qwynn’s old pink skirt, a small pink hair rubber band for the center, and shells cut from the pink felt. I attached the shells to the sheer fabric with hot glue.


Qwynn already had a light-colored t-shirt to wear under the shell top which was the final piece to the costume. That, and a big smile! 🙂


I am still so shocked at how smooth this project went and I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out! Best of all, I came out way under my $20 budget!!

Valerie Anne