About Me

IMG_6305Hi! Welcome to my personal blog about the roller coaster ride that is being a Type-A wife, a mother of a threenager and infant, and a toddler teacher living in New York City.

Who am I?

I am a serial walker, a binge runner and my strength training is lifting babies and toddlers. I vacation at Target and Michaels and my life would be a lot easier if Whole Foods and Traders Joe’s would just merge.  I love red wine and good beer and I would cry if Chipotle ever went away.

I think photography is such a magical thing and I could not imagine life without it. DIY is in my blood (Engineer Dad + Crafty Mom) and I love to create amazing things from nothing. I am continuously making baby steps toward a more natural and organic lifestyle for myself and my family, but my ultimate motto is “Everything Most Things in Moderation.”

I am married to my college sweetheart and he is the most patient, caring and supportive husband I could ask for. My three-year-old daughter is pure joy with a sprinkle of sass and I’ve fallen deeply in love with my newborn son. Being a parent and working with toddlers has already given me gray hairs, but at least I can say that I never go a day without laughing and I never go a day without a hug!

Valerie Anne

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