Wife. Mother. Teacher. Student!


My experience working with children dates all the way back to my preteen years. When I was twelve, my best friend and I posted a babysitting ad on the bulletin board at our church, and soon after we both had our first jobs. The following year, my first niece was born and lived at my parent’s house until I left for college, which meant my younger sister and I were her daily sitters.

The time spent with my niece is something I have never forgotten and will forever appreciate. It is the foundation of everything I know and love about working with young children and was my motivation for continuing to babysit and work in childcare positions throughout high school and college. I have many interests that I have considered pursuing, and have even tried a handful of other jobs, but I always seem to be called back to teaching. After working for several years as an assistant teacher, I am anxious to receive the education and experience needed to pursue a lead teacher position in a toddler or preschool classroom.

I’ve been wanting to go back to school to get my teaching degree for years. Even before Qwynn was born, I would often look into programs, but would be too scared to make the commitment. After having Qwynn, it seemed like a distant dream that seemed to get further and further out of reach. However, this new year has brought with it exciting changes and new realizations!! So, when Tyson heard a radio ad for Arizona State University’s Online Masters in Early Childhood Education program, I just knew I had to make this happen. I know it’s going to be extremely challenging, but it will open up so many more doors for me and allow me to do incredible things in the classroom.

One of my favorite things about working with young children is that I never go a day without laughing and I never go a day without a hug. Both are a necessity for any person, but are especially critical in the development of young children. The early years of a child’s life are so important and I have seen firsthand, both through my work experience and my daughter’s development, the positive affects of early childhood education. Although somewhat terrified for this huge commitment, I am thrilled to finally be pursing my Masters, and at my alma mater, nonetheless. I look forward to growing my professional career and continuing to positively influence the development of our youngest learners!

Wish me luck! (I’m definitely going to need it. 😉)

Valerie Anne

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