From Bar to Barre: Balancing Aging, Parenthood, Work Schedules and a Consistent Exercise Routine

Living in NYC definitely has it’s perks. One in particular is the amount of walking that is required. Most of my time living here I have been able to get away without going to the gym regularly because my daily commute was my gym.  The walking always seemed to be enough and a run or class here or there was just an extra bonus. I have also been able to eat whatever I want (within reason) and spent many evenings out at bars with friends enjoying my fair share of adult beverages.

At my company holiday party 2 years ago, a co-worker made a comment to me that at the time I blew off. After returning to the table with a full plate of second helpings of everything at the buffet she said, “Wow Val! I remember when I could eat like that. Then I hit my 30s.” This was two months before my 30th birthday, so naturally my reply was, “Well then, I better take advantage of the two months I have left.”

I really didn’t take what she said seriously though, and I thought, It’ll be different for me. I was kind of right. Nothing really changed when I turned thirty. Thirty-one on the other hand was another story. Not long after my 31st birthday I realized that Winter had taken it’s toll on my body, and I accepted that I could no longer eat or drink whatever I wanted and still survive on just walking.

Not only am I a binge runner, but I am a binge exerciser in general. It’s always easier to get going during the summer when it’s not freezing or pitch black outside when I have to leave the apartment for a class.  If I am able to get a good routine in place, I can go weeks working out 3, 4, even 5 days a week. I always feel amazing when I can stick to a regular exercise plan, but it seems that after awhile I always go back to making excuses for why I can’t get my butt moving.

Having a kid definitely does not make sticking to an exercise routine any easier. The guilt that comes with leaving all the getting ready and commuting responsibilities with Tyson so that I can take a morning barre class or evening yoga class is sometimes too much to handle. Especially during the Rangers season when his schedule is so busy.

However, after Memorial Day, with the unofficial start of summer upon us, I decided I had to get over the guilt and figure something out. Running on my lunch break everyday was not motivating enough, but I had taken a couple barre classes last summer and really enjoyed them. So I went to Tyson with a routine I thought was fair and hoped that we could make it work. For the past six weeks this has been my workout schedule:

Monday: 30-40 minute Lunch Break Run
Tuesday: 55 minute Core Barre Class
Wednesday: 55 minute Total Barre Class and 30 minute Swim Class with Qwynn
Thursday: 55 minute Barre Assets Class or 60 minute Yoga Class
Friday: 30-40 minute Lunch Break Run

I’m not perfect every week (summer is busy!), but I usually get at least three of the days in. It definitely takes sacrifices from all parties involved. On Tuesday I work the 10 AM shift, and drop Qwynn off as soon as school opens at 8 AM to make it to my 8:30 AM barre class. This makes it possible for Tyson and I to still commute together, but it also makes all of our days much longer, leaving the house by 7 AM and not getting home until close to 7:30 PM.  Tyson very generously commutes with Qwynn by himself on Wednesday mornings and I meet him at the YMCA for Qwynn’s 9 AM swim class after my 7:30 AM Barre class. On Thursday evenings he commutes again by himself to allow me to take my evening yoga class.

I am definitely nervous about Fall and Winter coming because it means colder weather, less sunlight and new and busier schedules. I am really hoping that my new found love for barre (seriously you should try it if you haven’t yet) will keep me motivated to continue going to class even when it is dark, cold and there is half a foot of snow on the ground.

As hard as it is to manage all of our schedules and to get myself up earlier than I technically have to get up in the morning, I never regret doing it. Even the times I have had one too many glasses of wine the night before 😉 and just want to stay curled up in bed, I remind myself how much better I’ll feel if I sweat it out. And I always do. No matter what, I always feel better when I say yes to a workout.

Valerie Anne

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