Homemade Play Dough…It’s So Much Better!

Yesterday, we finally ventured out from our rooftop and headed to Brooklyn to check out the popular Smorgasburg and newly added Renegade Craft Fair. At the craft fair I came across a booth that was selling natural play dough.

It was amazing! Smooth, velvety and not dry or clumpy whatsoever. It also smelled wonderful! So much better than the store bought play dough, which is probably one of my least favorite “kid” smells ever (after poop, throw up and formula, of course.) This dough was so amazing, I would have let Qwynn play with the sample for hours. But the sun was hot, and she was completely okay with the alternative option…ice cream!

This play dough was so fabulous though, I just had to buy some and thought it would make the perfect birthday present for one of Qwynn’s classmates. I chose the adorable Cupcake Set, which included 3 jars of dough, a small cupcake tin, a small rolling pin, and colored rice, beads and pom poms to use as decorations. Such a great idea! Definitely check them out!

Of course Qwynn asked to play with her store bought play dough as soon as we got home. But it was so clumpy and dried out that we had to throw it away. So after she woke up from her nap today, we decided to make our own play dough!

FullSizeRenderI have made play dough before with my kids at work, but we use a fairly simple recipe and the dough usually does not last very long. I wanted to try making a natural play dough that wouldn’t dry out and would last longer. I googled “play dough recipe with…” and listed all the ingredients I wanted to use and I came across a recipe that worked great!

We didn’t have any essential oils, food coloring, or glitter, but we were able to find substitutes for some of these things. We used turmeric to make the dough yellow and cinnamon to scent it. We also only had whole wheat flour, but I think white flour would have given us a better consistency and color. Even still, I noticed that this play dough smelled and felt so much better than the store bought stuff and it didn’t dry out as much. It has only been one day, but I am confident that this play dough is here to stay.

FullSizeRender_1What is so great about making your own play dough at home is that you can experiment with so much (oils, scents, colors, etc.) and it is an absolutely wonderful way for kids to practice cooking!

FullSizeRender_2Qwynn played with this dough for an hour straight tonight and it fit perfectly in the left over gelato ice cream container we saved from the other day. Win, win!

Valerie Anne

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