Trader Joe’s Tuesday: Our Three Favorite Snacks with Three Ingredients or Less

1. Fruit Bars

FullSizeRender-15I don’t eat these very often, but Qwynn LOVES them. At 99-cents a bar, they are pricier than many fruit cereal bars, but it’s worth the extra money knowing that Qwynn is getting just the fruit she needs and nothing else. They have four different kinds (Apple+Coconut, Apple+Strawberry, Apple+Banana, and Apple+Mango), and each has only those two ingredients. Qwynn is not a fan of the coconut at all and the strawberry isn’t her favorite either. She enjoys the banana ones, but I usually don’t buy them because actual bananas are one of the easiest fruits ever, so I’d rather she eat them fresh. FullSizeRender-20That means Mango is my go-to choice, which is perfect because Qwynn won’t eat fresh mango. It is absolutely wonderful to have a quick, easy and healthy option on-the-go that is made of JUST fruit. And of course the most important part is that it is toddler approved.

2. Dark Chocolate Honey Mints

FullSizeRender-16I never used to eat peppermint patties, but when I worked at REstyleSOURCE in AZ they consistantly had a stocked pantry full of pretty much every snack at Costco. Included was always a huge container of peppermint patties. It became my favorite treat while working and was the perfect afternoon pick me up. However, I recently looked up the ingredients in them and am kind of disappointed I ate so many while I was pregnant—a lot of not so great stuff in them. Luckily, I have found an amazing substitute at TJ’s and they have only 3 ingredients in them. These Dark Chocolate Honey Mints are my guilty pleasure and I can never have just one. FullSizeRender-18The chocolate outside is pretty bitter since it isn’t sweetened with anything, but I love that initial bitter taste followed by the sweet flavor from the minty filling that follows. They are absolutely delicious and so refreshing.

3. Organic Corn Chip Dippers

FullSizeRender-14I am so obsessed with these corn chips! We buy two packages every shopping trip we make. They have the same ingredients that Fritos corn chips have, but the TJ’s version is organic and GMO-free. Plus, the chips are really big, so they are great for scooping delicious guacamole (something they suggest on the packaging), and are just as yummy with hummus or salsa. On more occasions than I should probably admit, Tyson and I will eat almost an entire bag of these with a whole container of their pre-made guacamole for a late dinner when we don’t have the energy to cook and just want to veg out in front of the TV after Qwynn goes to bed. FullSizeRender-19Since I rarely eat other chips, crackers or similar snacks, I don’t feel guilty about digging into these a couple times a week. They are a great choice when you are craving something salty and crunchy.

Valerie Anne

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