We Are The Parents That Bring Their Toddler Everywhere


I love good beer. Especially a really good IPA. So when Tyson’s brother invited us to The First Annual Coney Island Homebrew Competition last month, we did not hesitate to say yes.

Actually, that’s a lie.

We ALWAYS hesitate when we are invited anywhere because the first question we have to ask is “Can Qwynn come?”

That’s right! We are THOSE parents. The parents that bring their toddler everywhere.

Okay, not really everywhere. But almost everywhere.

Since she was about a month old, Qwynn has tagged along on most of our outings and adventures. She’s been to more professional sports games than I can keep count of and has come to every wedding we’ve been to since she was born. Don’t get me wrong. All parents need their adult time. But these are 5 reasons why we share a lot of ours with our daughter…

1. We don’t have family nearby.

This is probably the biggest reason we take Qwynn almost everywhere with us. There are definitely times that I envy those that have grandparents nearby to babysit for free or those who have weekly babysitters, but you just have to make do with what you’ve got. I think taking Qwynn with us most places definitely has its benefits and it teaches her how to adapt to different environments and situations.

2. GOOD babysitters are really expensive.

Really, really expensive! I should know because I used to be (and kind of still am) one. Since I work at a preschool, I am very fortunate to have many wonderful people in my life that would happily babysit. And some of them offer to do it for free. BUT I really hate taking advantage of my coworkers too much, so we often only use them for very special occasions. We don’t want to be THOSE friends!

3. We only have ONE child.

We are still on the fence about having a second child, so I figure we should take advantage of the fact that we only have one kid right now. And she’s generally a pretty good kid. That is if we plan everything out right…the long nap on the train, lots of snacks and fried Mac n cheese bites were a lifesaver.

4. We want her to learn to “go with the flow.”

My Type A side absolutely, 100% feels that consistency and having a routine is EXTREMELY important (and the earlier you start, the better), but I also understand that being able to adapt to changes in that routine needs to be practiced as well. I think it is a good idea to break the routine here and there, so we can teach Qwynn how to handle those situations. Plus, since we have worked hard in our everyday life to keep her in a good routine, we don’t feel guilty about giving her extra snacks/treats to keep her happy when we go out!

5. We enjoy having her around!

We genuinely have fun with Qwynn. And other people seem to have a good time with her too (I think even more than they do with Tyson and I). She makes us laugh and she keeps us young! Who wouldn’t love that?

Part of our parenting philosophy has always been, “Qwynn lives in our world, we don’t live in hers.”

Wait! It sounds worse than it is.

Qwynn is definitely OUR WORLD, but we want her to learn that she is not the center of the universe. That sometimes we need to go with the flow and do things that we don’t want to do and be in situations that aren’t always comfortable for us…AND we still need to act in an appropriate manner. All things I am still learning myself!

We probably towed the line with this specific event because the venue ended up being more of a bar than a restaurant and Qwynn was the only kid there. To be fair, it was proposed to us as a festival (FESTIVAL=KID FRIENDLY, right?), and we really did not have a clue what we were getting into.

Although I questioned our decision the minute we walked through the door and saw all these young childless people chatting and drinking beer, no one seemed to be bothered by Qwynn and most even welcomed her with a smile.

Regardless of anything, Qwynn was a trooper and she allowed her mom and dad to have a good few hours of fun.

For that, we are ever so grateful!

Valerie Anne

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